Maui Nui Golf Course

Nestled in the heart of Kihei on the island of Maui, Maui Nui Golf Course (formerly Elleair) stands as a testament to the region's golfing appeal. As a prominent municipal course, Maui Nui offers both locals and visitors an accessible and enjoyable golfing experience. Surrounded by the beauty of Kihei, this course has become a popular destination for those seeking a casual round of golf in a relaxed, tropical setting.

Most Memorable Holes at Maui Nui

Hole 5 "Ocean Breeze" - One of Maui Nui's standout holes, the par-4 "Ocean Breeze" on Hole 5, offers a delightful challenge with strategic water features and lush greenery. As golfers navigate this well-designed hole, they are treated to refreshing ocean breezes, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their round.

Hole 9 "Kihei Views" - As players conclude the front nine, Hole 9 provides panoramic views of Kihei's landscapes. This par-5 hole combines challenging play with the beauty of the surroundings, creating a memorable experience for golfers of all skill levels.

Hole 16 "Sunset Serenity" - Named for its stunning sunset vistas, the par-3 "Sunset Serenity" on Hole 16 captures the essence of Maui Nui's charm. Golfers enjoy a tranquil moment surrounded by the natural beauty of Kihei as they navigate this picturesque hole.

Most Advanced Driving Range on Maui

Maui Nui Golf Course has elevated the golfing experience with cutting-edge technology at its new driving range. Golfers can now enjoy state-of-the-art ball-tracking systems that provide real-time feedback on their shots, allowing for precise analysis of distance, accuracy, and ball speed. The modern driving range technology enhances practice sessions, providing players with valuable insights to refine their skills and elevate their overall performance on the course.

Equipment Repair Available Onsite

Complementing the technological upgrades, Maui Nui Golf Course also offers top-notch equipment repair services. The on-site repair facility is equipped with the latest tools and expertise to handle club repairs, adjustments, and refurbishments. Golfers can trust in the skilled technicians to ensure their equipment is in optimal condition, enhancing the overall golfing experience and contributing to the convenience and satisfaction of players at Maui Nui. With a commitment to innovation and player satisfaction, Maui Nui Golf Course stands at the forefront of providing a technologically advanced and well-maintained facility for golf enthusiasts in Kihei.

Beyond its role as a golfing destination, Maui Nui Golf Course serves as a hub for community engagement and growth. Situated in a region experiencing ongoing development, Maui Nui Golf Course has become an integral part of Kihei's evolving landscape. The course is surrounded by new residential and commercial developments, contributing to the area's vibrancy and offering golfers a glimpse into the dynamic transformation of Kihei. Maui Nui's strategic location makes it not only a golfing haven but also a focal point in the burgeoning development that continues to shape the character of this coastal Maui community.

Maui Nui Golf Club
470 Lipoa Pkwy
Kihei, HI 96753