South Maui Beaches

South Maui's beaches are the embodiment of tropical perfection. Stretching from the lively Kamaole Beach Parks to the pristine sands of Makena Beach, this region offers a sun-kissed oasis for every beach lover. Whether it's the upscale ambiance of Wailea Beach flanked by luxury resorts or the secluded charm of Chang’s Beach, South Maui paints a picture of serene shores, clear turquoise waters, and endless opportunities for marine exploration.

Kamaole Beach Parks (I, II & III)

Located in the bustling town of Kihei, the Kamaole Beaches complex is a trio of sandy expanses that collectively offer a quintessential Maui experience. Each of the three – Kamaole I, II, and III – has its own unique charm, yet all boast clear waters, ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and paddleboarding especially in the morning before the afternoon wind comes up. If you follow Kam I down to the north end it is called Charlie Young Beach and has a separate parking lot off South Kihei Rd. A distinctive feature of the Kamaole beaches is their proximity to a myriad of conveniences. Just a short stroll away, visitors can find an array of delectable food options, ranging from local food trucks to fine dining establishments. Adjacent to these beaches are numerous condos and vacation rentals, making it incredibly easy for guests to walk down to the shoreline anytime, whether it's to catch a sunrise, a mid-day swim, or a sunset stroll. With the harmonious blend of natural beauty, accessibility, and nearby amenities, the Kamaole Beaches are a testament to Kihei's allure as a top destination on Maui.

Keawakapu Beach

Keawakapu Beach, nestled in the heart of South Maui, stands as a captivating blend of natural beauty and upscale sophistication. One of the beach's most defining features is its impressive walkability. The lengthy stretch of golden sand invites visitors for leisurely strolls, where the rhythmic sounds of the waves accompany each step, providing a tranquil backdrop to the scenic surroundings. Flanking this pristine beach, on one side, are opulent mansions – architectural marvels that showcase the pinnacle of island luxury. These private homes, with their tropical landscaping offer a visual treat to beachgoers. On the opposite side, a selection of esteemed hotels provides guests with front-row seats to Maui's oceanic splendor, ensuring that the island's vistas are always just a glance away. Accessibility to Keawakapu is surprisingly straightforward, given its popularity. Three dedicated parking lots ensure that both locals and visitors can find a spot for their vehicles. This ease of access, combined with its central location, reinforces Keawakapu Beach's reputation as the beating heart of South Maui. 

Wailea Beach 

Gracing the southern shores of Maui, Wailea Beach is often described as the epitome of a tropical paradise. Renowned for its golden sands and sapphire-blue waters, this beach is a hub of activity where visitors can indulge in a plethora of seaside adventures. From paddleboarding across the shimmering ocean to diving beneath the surface to explore the vibrant marine life, the choices are vast and varied. One of the standout luxuries at Wailea Beach is the seamless cabana and chair service provided by the adjacent upscale hotels. Guests staying at these establishments can revel in the convenience of having plush chairs and shaded cabanas set up directly on the beachThose looking for a bit of excitement can embark on a catamaran cruise, while others seeking relaxation can simply sunbathe or take leisurely strolls along the shoreline. Strategically located, Wailea Beach boasts proximity to upscale shopping areas, gourmet restaurants, and world-class golf courses, making it an ideal base for vacationers. The beach is flanked by some of Maui's most luxurious accommodations. Prestigious resorts and villas dot the coastline, offering guests not just stunning ocean views but also unparalleled service and amenities, from spa treatments inspired by Hawaiian traditions to fine dining experiences showcasing island flavors.

Makena Beach 

Makena Beach is not only two beaches in one (Big Beach & Little Beach), it is a majestic expanse nestled within the boundaries of Makena State Park on Maui's southern coast. Distinguished by its vast stretch of golden sand and powerful shore break waves, this beach offers both awe-inspiring beauty and exhilarating water activities. Its large waves are a draw for bodysurfers and experienced ocean enthusiasts, though caution is always advised due to the potent force of the shore break. A striking feature of Makena Beach is its pristine, untouched atmosphere. Unlike many other popular beaches on Maui, Makena Beach is devoid of commercial buildings. This absence ensures an uninterrupted connection with nature, allowing visitors to experience the Hawaiian coastline in its raw, unaltered glory. Just a stone's throw away, tucked behind a rocky outcropping, lies "Little Beach." This smaller counterpart is known for its more bohemian vibe and occasionally plays host to fire dancing and drum circles during Sunday sunsets. Both beaches are jewels of Makena State Park, a protected area that preserves the region's natural allure while providing necessary amenities like restrooms and picnic areas. When you step onto Makena Beach, with its vast horizon and untamed waves, you're not just visiting a beach; you're immersing yourself in the untouched essence of Maui.

Maluaka Beach

Maluaka Beach, nestled on Maui's southern coast, is a tranquil haven characterized by its golden sands and crystalline waters. Often overshadowed by its more popular neighbors, this beach boasts excellent snorkeling opportunities, with a thriving coral reef just offshore teeming with vibrant marine life. The gentle curve of the bay makes it ideal for swimming and paddleboarding, while the backdrop of lush greenery adds to its tropical charm. Adjacent to the beach are upscale accommodations that offer guests unparalleled oceanfront views and immediate access to the beach's splendors. With amenities such as restrooms, picnic areas, shaded spots, and luxurious lodgings, Maluaka strikes a harmonious balance between untouched nature and refined comfort, making it a gem on Maui's coastline.

Mokapu Beach

Mokapu Beach stands as an embodiment of tranquil beauty. Its golden sands, caressed by gentle waves, serve as a testament to nature's artistry. Sheltered from strong winds and currents, this beach invites both families and solo travelers to immerse themselves in its calm waters or indulge in peaceful sunbathing. What amplifies Mokapu's charm is its location in the heart of upscale Wailea, allowing visitors to be cocooned in serenity while remaining close to contemporary luxuries.

Ulua Beach

Ulua Beach is nestled within the upscale enclave of Wailea on Maui's southern coast, Ulua Beach stands as a testament to tropical splendor and luxurious living. It's where the world-class elegance of Wailea meets the unspoiled beauty of Hawaii's shores. From its renowned beachfront to the amenities that cater to discerning travelers, Ulua Beach has carved its niche as one of the island's premier destinations. Delve into this guide to discover the layers of allure that define this coastal gem.

Polo Beach

Tucked away in the upscale region of Wailea, Polo Beach is a serene sanctuary known for its soft sands and inviting azure waters. This crescent-shaped beach provides an idyllic setting for various water activities, including snorkeling, where vibrant marine life thrives near the rocky points. Its relatively calm waters also make it a favorite for families and swimmers alike. Polo Beach's charm is enhanced by its backdrop of luxury resorts and private residences, offering guests direct access to its pristine shores. Despite its tranquil ambiance, it remains conveniently close to some of Wailea's finest dining establishments and shopping venues. With its perfect blend of seclusion and accessibility, Polo Beach stands as a reflection of Maui's ability to offer both luxury and natural beauty in a single location.


Straddling the boundary between the lavish precincts of Wailea and the untouched splendors of Makena lies Po'olenalena Beach, often colloquially known as Chang's Beach. This dual-named gem boasts a stretch of golden sands and shimmering waters that make it a serene escape, despite its proximity to bustling tourist locales. Its nickname, derived from the Chang family who historically owned land in the vicinity, adds a touch of local flavor and history to the beach's identity. Notably, Po'olenalena is a favored spot for weddings. The idyllic setting, especially as the sun dips below the horizon, provides a dreamy canvas for couples pledging their eternal love. Nestled just off the main track, this beach embodies the perfect mix of intimacy and scenic beauty, making it a beloved spot for both locals and visitors, whether they refer to it by its traditional name or its affectionate moniker.


Ma'alaea (Haycraft Park)

In Ma'alaea, hidden past all the condos lies Haycraft Park offers an idyllic escape with its stunning ocean vistas and an array of leisurely activities. This year-round haven beckons visitors to savor the tranquil mornings or bask in the enchanting sunsets. The park's highlights include scenic ocean views, perfect for picnicking or barbecuing, opportunities for whale watching, fishing, and a paved pathway for walking or jogging. It's also a spot where you can dip into the ocean for some snorkeling fun. With amenities like restrooms, pavilions, and beach access, Haycraft Park ensures a memorable outing. Don't forget to catch the sunrise or sunset, as they are simply breathtaking. Remember to bring sunscreen, water, and snacks, as concessions are limited in the area. For additional adventures nearby, consider exploring the Maui Ocean Center, a short walk away, to immerse yourself in the wonders of marine life. And don't miss Maalaea Harbor, where you can find a variety of restaurants, shops, and exciting excursions, including snorkeling and whale-watching tours. 

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach, located on Maui, is a serene haven with miles of soft, golden sands, making it ideal for leisurely strolls and sunbathing. A charming boardwalk at Kealia adds to the beach's allure, inviting visitors to explore the coastline on foot. Convenient amenities, including picnic areas and restrooms, make it a perfect spot for a relaxing day by the sea. Don't miss the breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky in warm hues, creating a truly magical experience at Sugar Beach

Maipoina Beach

Nestled on the beautiful island of Maui, Maipoina Beach offers a unique blend of features that cater to both adventure seekers and those looking for convenient amenities. While it may not be the most well-known beach, Maipoina Beach is a hub for wind sports enthusiasts. Its consistent winds make it an excellent spot for kiteboarding and windsurfing. What sets Maipoina Beach apart is its well-maintained facilities. Here, you'll find restrooms and picnic areas, providing visitors with a comfortable setting to enjoy a day by the sea.

Over the past decade, South Maui has seen a remarkable surge in its allure as a top-tier property investment destination. The beaches of South Maui, with their serene ambiance and captivating beauty, have drawn both tourists and investors in droves. Property values in areas like Wailea and Makena have seen substantial appreciation, a testament to the region's burgeoning appeal. The thriving vacation rental market in this region further amplifies the investment prospects. From luxury villas with panoramic ocean views to cozy condos steps away from the beach, South Maui properties have consistently proven to be a rewarding and lasting investment, a reflection of the area's undying allure.