Wailea Emerald Golf Course

As you step onto the lush terrain of the Emerald Course, you enter a realm where nature and golf seamlessly coalesce. This introductory guide invites you to explore the distinctive qualities that define the Wailea Emerald Golf Course – from its dynamic integration within Wailea to the unparalleled quality of its design and the allure of its standout holes.  The Emerald tees play from 6,825 and the forward tees play from 5,256.

Two Courses, A Driving Range, and A Golf School 

Welcome to the Wailea Emerald Golf Course, seamlessly positioned alongside the Gold Course, enriched with a fantastic driving range that provides an unparalleled golfing experience in the heart of Maui.

Three Holes Worth the Trip

Hole 3 – "Five Palms": This par-3 gem is aptly named for the five towering palm trees that frame the green, creating a stunning visual backdrop against the azure Maui sky. Precision is key on this hole, as golfers navigate the challenging terrain while savoring the panoramic ocean views.

Hole 11 – "Plumeria Plateau": A strategic masterpiece, this par-4 offers a thrilling elevated tee shot, demanding both accuracy and distance. The Plumeria Plateau showcases the course's commitment to blending natural beauty with a challenging layout, as golfers navigate through rolling fairways surrounded by vibrant island flora.

Hole 18 – "Wailea Finale": The grand finale of the Wailea Emerald Course, this par-5 provides a memorable conclusion to your round. With the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop, golfers face strategic bunkers and undulating fairways on their journey to the green. The Wailea Finale embodies the essence of the course – a perfect marriage of challenge and scenic splendor.

You Do Not Have to be a Professional to Enjoy This Course

Embark on a journey through the best holes of the Wailea Emerald Golf Course. Each hole presents a unique blend of design and natural beauty, contributing to the course's reputation as a premier golf destination. From breathtaking ocean vistas to strategically placed hazards, these holes showcase the artistry and skill required to navigate the course successfully. Indulge in the golfing legacy of Wailea through the captivating design and memorable challenges of the Emerald Course.

Wailea Emerald Golf Course
Wailea Golf Club Dr
Kihei, HI 96753