Following the recent destruction caused by fires on Maui, our island community unites in solidarity. With homes and local businesses reduced to ashes, thousands of our fellow residents are now in desperate need of shelter and basic living essentials. Come together with us to help those affected; your support can truly make a difference.

Community Donations

Please consider the following verified local organizations accepting monetary donations.

For a comprehensive list of local organizations receiving donations, visit the Maui Mutual Aid Guide.

Shelter for Those Displaced in Maui

The REALTORS Association of Maui is working to connect people with homes on Maui who have been displaced by the fires. If you have a home, room, or space available, please contact RAM with your available resource at 808-873-8585.

CB ‘Ohana Support

Several members of our Coldwell Banker family, encompassing agents, staff, and their relatives, are currently enduring the overwhelming and unimaginable loss of their homes and all personal belongings. This devastation has not only left them without shelter but has also taken away the memories and possessions that make a house a home.

In times like these, the sense of 'ohana, or family, becomes more vital than ever. These individuals have not only been integral parts of our team but have also contributed generously to others within and beyond our community. They've been there for others, and now we ask you to be there for them.

We respectfully and earnestly request that you consider extending your compassion and support to these cherished members of our family. Whether it's a monetary contribution or a share of resources, your assistance can make a significant difference in their lives during this difficult time.

Please join us in standing with our 'ohana, showing them that they are not alone in this struggle. Donations can be made through the link provided here. Your generosity, no matter how big or small, can bring comfort and hope to those who have given so much before.